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Ottawa’s Aaida Mamuji: ‘Mombasa’ & a boxer : Featured OTT : Videos

Aaida Mamuji intrigues me to no end, but I don’t know which of the three reasons below fascinates me the most, may be you can help me.

  1.  Is it that she is the first Muslim woman in hijab that I have seen in competitive boxing? or
  2. That she is also a PhD candidate in Public Administration yet she chooses to pursue boxing seriously. Or
  3. Is it her Kenyan connection in general and her Mombasa connection in particular?  She was born in Kuwait from a Kenyan mother of Yemeni ancestry and Kenyan father of Indian ancestry, and now a Canadian citizen, but still considers herself a “Mombasa”.

It’s hard to tell!

At any rate, here’s the video of this fascinating Muslim woman fighter. I hope she will impact you the same way she did me.  

I don’t know why the lyrics ‘he floats like a butterfly and sting like a bee” is playing in my head at the moment.

Ottawa’s Aaida Mamuji: ‘Mombasa’ & a boxer : Featured OTT : Videos.

Peace and blessings