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Presumptous of Me to Think Otherwise


I have been debating with myself as to whether to share my exciting news on my blog or not.  On the one hand,  the news is in line with the mission of this blog, that is,  dispelling stereotype and celebrating strong Muslim women. On the other hand,  it feels a little disconcerting putting oneself in that category,  as that would amount to blowing one’s own trumpet,  which in my books is contrary to the virtue of humility that had been instilled in me through my faith as a Muslim.

To ease my conscious,  I have convinced myself that it is acceptable to promote oneself if the intentions are pure and the message could help shift minds regarding each other,  hence this blogpost.

The exciting news is that, earlier this month, my daughter Nusaybah, who by the way celebrated her 14th birthday a couple of days ago, and I collaborated and published a comic book that deals with the issue of what it means to be an American Muslim, as seen in the eyes of children and adult Muslims, as well as the general public at large.   It is a hilarious and thought-provoking book that I hope will make us think differently in our approach to each other.

It is available on Amazon,  both in print and Kindle.  Feel free to share your opinion of the book by posting a review on Amazon and or like my Facebook page. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as Nusaybah and I enjoyed writing and illustrating it.