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Richmond Firefighter Breaks Barriers, Balancing Faith & Service – 8NEWS – WRIC | News Where You Live

It doesn’t take much for Muslim women to break down barriers. In the case of Kae Asima, a Richmond mom of two, all it took was a nomex hood that is flame retardant to act as her religious head covering for her to take up one of the most dangerous jobs in Virginia.  Here, she talks with 8NEWS-WRIC about her choice of becoming a firefighter and how she balances her faith and service. Kudos to Richmond Fire Department for providing the religious accommodation.

Richmond Firefighter Breaks Barriers, Balancing Faith & Service – 8NEWS – WRIC | News Where You Live.

8NEWS – WRIC | News Where You Live


Breaking Silence; Child Sexual Abuse

Being a mother of two lovely children, the issue of child sexual assault and sexual abuse is never too far from my mind. According to National Center for Victims of Crime, the prevalence of sexual abuse is difficult to determine because it is not often reported. A study by the Crimes against Children Research Center showed that over the course of their lifetime, 28 percent of U.S youth ages 14-17 have been sexually victimized and children between the ages of 7-13 were most vulnerable to child sexual assault or sexual abuse.

Based on the above mentioned statistics, I feel compelled to share the trailer for this upcoming documentary film, Breaking Silence, about 4 brave young Muslim-American women who are breaking their silence of the sexual abuse they suffered as children.  It is my hope that the film will break any real or perceived cultural and/or religious taboo on the subject.

It is obvious from the above mentioned statistics, that child sexual abuse is not one culture’s or religion’s problem, but worldwide concern.  It is important for families to talk to their children about abuse, and to create an environment where they can feel safe and confident to report such abuses, should they take place.

The film maker is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the post production of their film. I would encourage everyone who is able to donate to this worthwhile cause to do so and spread the word. The film is slated to premiere in January 2015.